About us


We are a leading import and export company registered and legalized in the United States, specialized in cargo shipments of all kinds to Costa Rica and other countries. We work in alliance with import and export companies in Costa Rica, which are duly registered and legalized to nationalize or dispatch cargo of all types on Costa Rican soil or others, working according to the required customs laws of the country.

We provide sea and land transportation services to the Costa Rican community in the United States. Our priority is to provide a guaranteed service of the highest quality, safety, and speed.

About us


Our goal is to be recognized as the leading company in the special service transportation and infrastructure sector allowing our clients to achieve the best solution to their needs either for their shipments to their families or business in Costa Rica, using the best practices and industry standards. Always based on the knowledge, constant effort, and experience of the human talent.


  • Speed, efficiency and responsibility
  • Guaranteed customer satisfaction
  • Affordable prices
  • Door to door deliveries
  • Collections on request
  • Departures every week

Contact us to coordinate your shipment to Costa Rica

Feel free to contact our offices or one of our agents in the United States, we will look for the option that best suits the needs of your shipment. Our rates are based on the volume of the merchandise and vary depending on the area or state in which you reside.