Terms and conditions



Our company puts all its resources at your disposal for the provision of an excellent transport service focusing on ensuring the satisfaction of our customers, integrating processes, technologies, and developments.

Our goal is to be recognized as the leading company in the special service transportation and infrastructure sector allowing our clients to achieve the best solution to their needs whether it is for their shipments to their families or business in Costa Rica, using the best practices and industry standards. Always based on the knowledge, constant effort, and experience of human talent.

As part of our commitment to transparency, we like to share with our clients all those terms and conditions that will guarantee the shipment of their packages to their door in Costa Rica without any problem.


  • 1. Customers must provide a list of content that is very specific to each item including value. Global Xpress International is not responsible for unreported items or items not allowed by customs.
  • 2. The customer is responsible for the packaging of the goods, therefore Global Xpress International is not responsible for poorly packed, fragile or easily decomposed goods.
  • 3. Global Xpress International is not responsible for shipping fragile furniture, fragile parts, glass or other objects even when the company does the packing, and it will be at the customer's discretion to do so
  • 4. If your cancellation is made by check it will be effective until the bank processes it, and a $35 fee will be charged for those returned.
  • 5. There will be an additional charge of 3% for payments made by credit card.
  • 6. When sending your payment you must include the invoice number(s)
  • 7. If there is any claim, it must be presented during the following (3) working days after the delivery of the goods.
  • 8. The goods can be checked by the competent authorities, both in the United States and in Costa Rica
  • 9. The approximate time of delivery by sea will be 6 weeks from the date of shipment stipulated in the receipt. And the approximate time of delivery by air will be 10 working days from the date of shipment stipulated in the receipt. Delivery times may be longer if required by the competent authorities, and delivery times are based on normal conditions, this may vary depending on weather, cargo saturation or mechanical problems
  • 10. After 10 days of the cargo is in the warehouse there will be an additional charge of $ 10.00 per day for storage to the customer who has not been sent the cargo for reasons of not having made full payment of the shipment or for other reasons unrelated to the company and to be dispatched the customer must cancel the total amount due for the shipment plus storage. And after 30 days the client will lose all right to claim it
  • 11. Boxes containing any illicit content such as jewelry, liquids, cosmetics, perfumes, creams, lotions, shampoos, soaps, food, medicines, tobacco, food supplements, firearms, ammunition, sharp weapons, cash, drugs, locked safes, used shoes and nail polish among others, will be forfeited and Global Xpress International will not take any action regarding forfeitures or providing any documentation, based on the customer's negligence in failing to comply with company policy and customs law and that such violation may affect the company in arrears for review or other actions by customs for which the customer will be liable to the appropriate authorities
  • 12. Global Xpress International is not responsible for the shipment of televisions packed other than in the original box with any other items inside. If they are shipped in regular boxes or covered with any other type of packaging, the customer is responsible for any damage caused to them
  • 13. The customer must have paid in full for the shipment of the cargo in order for Global Xpress International to ship or deliver the cargo to the consignee, otherwise it will not be shipped or delivered
  • 14. Global Xpress International is not responsible for lost or stolen items when the receiver is not the authorized person, or the address is not that which appears on the original receipt.
  • 15. The customer accepts all of the above conditions and waives any further claims.


The recipient will be contacted in advance to confirm the address and coordinate the delivery in Costa Rica a few days after the logistics are done..


The items below are subject to being retained by customs entities, so it will be necessary to put the approximate value and make a very detailed list of the contents, as the boxes can be scanned and not comply with the following restricted items and conditions would put your cargo at risk.

Restricted Items:

Cosmetics, Liquids, Used shoes, Medications, Controlled substances, Pills, Drugs, Psychotropics, Poison, Foods, Tobacco, Liquids, Vitamin supplements, Chocolates, Cleaning products, Environmental deodorants, and similar, Cash, Weapons, Ammunition, Gas-operated weapons, Sharp weapons, Explosives, Gunpowder, Electric accumulators, Air conditioners, Aesthetic or massaging machines, Paintings, Live animals, Substances contained in pressure containers, Any product containing alcohol, Chemicals, Fuels, Lighters, Inflammable or Corrosive products, Toxic products, among others.